Advent is a time of preparation for Christmas, a time of getting ready, a time to reflect on the story of Christmas of God’s only Son Jesus Christ coming amongst God’s people as a baby born to an unmarried teenager in a stable in Bethlehem.

There are many traditions to help us prepare for Christmas in advent, advent candles which are lit in Churches on each Sunday of advent, candles which can be lit each day of advent at home, readings and reflections for each day of advent. More recently there are adverts and events that remind us Christmas is coming like the CocaCola or John Lewis adverts on television.

The most popular way to prepare for Christmas is an advent calendar, a little door to open each day with a chocolate behind and a picture that tells you something of the advent or Christmas story.

The Hexham Trinity Advent Calendar is a bigger version of the advent calendar you have at home. Each day in advent there will be a picture, collage, image, drawing in the frame out Hexham Trinity Methodist Church that tells something of the Christmas Story and helps us to prepare us for Christmas. The pictures have been created by families, individuals and groups that are connected with Hexham Trinity Methodist Church. Each day they will also be put onto this website as well as tweeted and posted on our Facebook pages.

If you’d like to know where we got the idea from visit the Beyond Church website or blog to see there Advent Beach Huts.

We hope that the advent calendar will help you to prepare for Christmas and the time when you celebrate the birth of Jesus.


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